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Following the directives of the European Parliament and in particular the Directive 2002/91/EC, the Spanish government approved the Real Decree 235/2013, of April 5. The decree says: "any new or used housing that is sold or rented (for a period exceeding four months) in Spain must have an "energy efficiency certificate". This regulation was voluntary until June 1, 2013 and from this date may be required.

The “energy efficiency certificate” is a document that contains objective information on energy consumption of a building or part of a building (apartments or commercial premises). Also are included in this document the possible measures to improve energy efficiency and possible cost savings that could be generated by implementing these measures. The certificate and the corresponding label are valid for 10 years. The philosophy behind this rule is that buyers and renters know the energy efficiency of a property that they want to buy or rent.

The label should be included in any offer, promotion and advertising aimed at the sale or lease of a building or part thereof. The label classifies each property using a color code according to a scale of category "A" (most efficient) to "G" (least efficient), similar to that already used in new buildings or in the appliances.

The owner of a dwelling, building or premises shall be responsible for obtaining and paying the cost of this certificate, required to sell or rent a real estate property. The original of the certificate shall be delivered to the new owner of the property, being sufficient the delivering of a copy at the moment of signing a rental contract. 

Real estate agencies, and its case any seller, must advertise the energy label given by the energy certification of any property put up for sale or for rent, both in the real estate portals as shop windows and the web. 

If you do not have this certificate and you want to avoid any penalty in the coming months, it is necessary to include in the advertisements the phrase "in the process of obtaining the certificate".

On 26/06/2013 was published the “Act for Urban Rehabilitation”, Law 8/2013, which contains in its Additional Provisions the corresponding sanctions in case of not having the Energy Performance Certificate. In the Balearic Islands there is a government agency to register that certificate. Therefore, the Act has come into operation in all its rigor and any owner who wants to sell a real estate property or rent it for more than 4 months must have that certificate if he/she does not want to be sanctioned. The sanctions that the law provides for these assumptions are "minor" and will be between 300 and 600 Euro.

If you want to get that certificate, please do not hesitate to contact Checkpoint and we can get it through licensed and qualified technicians.

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